Kitesurf, Wingfoil, Windsurf - Baznotik - Martinique

Kitesurfing at Baz'Notik

Our 4-session courses take place over 4 days.

Situational practice with your own equipment,  permanent radio link with your instructor, secure area dedicated to kiting.

Course schedule:

Day 1

  • Discovering the environment
  • Learning safety rules
  • Piloting the kite in shallow water
    • towed swimming
    • 1st start with the board

Day 2

  • Weather initiation 
  • Control of safety systems 
  • Autonomy of wing steering 
  • Board positioning 
  • Water-Start

Day 3

  • Choosing and adjusting your equipment 
  • Sliding downwind
  • Respecting sailing instructions and rules 

Day 4

  • Perfecting skills 
  • Sailing both sides 
    • Getting up to speed
    • Beginning to change direction (transition)

Our group kitesurfing prices

(3 students max.)

Single session

120 €

2-session package

230 €

4-session package

450 €

9-session package (residents only)

850 €

Our private tuition rates

Enjoy the skills of a state-qualified instructor 100% dedicated to your  training. Lessons of 2 hours, adapted to all levels.

Enjoy the skills of a state-qualified instructor 100% dedicated to your  training. 2-hour lessons, suitable for all levels.

180 €

Your rental rates

Ideal for those who are self-sufficient.

90 €

Combine a supervised lift and navigation with kite and board rental: all the benefits of kitesurfing and gliding on 4 km of down wind

100 €
Kitesurf, Wingfoil, Windsurf - Baznotik - Martinique

Kite store and kite repair

We offer a wide range of equipment from Duotone , ION, Airush as well as accessories in our kite store. We have new equipment in stock, but also second-hand equipment in perfect condition and accessible.

The rotation of equipment in our school takes place several times per season, which allows us to offer very recent second-hand equipment to our students who have become independent and wish to acquire their kites and boards to continue practicing and progressing.

You'll also find harnesses, furling leashes ... etc.

We also offer a wing repair service for both torn canvas and pierced wing bladders. This service is very responsive and the rate affordable. Call us at +596 596 66 19 06 for more information.

Kitesurf, Wingfoil, Windsurf - Baznotik - Martinique