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The Duotone Quick Release Freestyle is specially designed for freestyle riders looking for optimum performance and a reliable quick release system.

This quick release system is engineered with particular attention to the needs of freestyle riders. The robust construction ensures exceptional durability, withstanding the stresses of demanding tricks and aerial maneuvers. The quick release is optimized for responsiveness, allowing riders to quickly trigger the release when needed. This provides a crucial layer of safety, essential for riders constantly pushing their limits in the world of freestyle. The Duotone Quick Release Freestyle is designed with ease of resetting in mind. After using the release, riders can quickly reset their system to quickly return to the action, minimizing ride interruptions.

In summary, the Duotone Quick Release Freestyle is a top-of-the-range quick release system, specially adapted to the demands of freestyle riding. It combines sturdiness, responsiveness and ease of use to give freestyle riders the confidence to launch into spectacular maneuvers in complete safety.