Kitesurf, Wingfoil, Windsurf - Baznotik - Martinique


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Delivered with bag, repair kit and user manual. Sold without bar.

Sizes available: 9m, 10m and 12m

The essentials of the LITHIUM V13

  • Structure : 3 battens
  • Evolution 2022: Lighter bar, new construction, more versatile, easier to get it out of the water

What would the AIRUSH brand be without the LITHIUM? The Lithium is the All Around, the do-it-all kite. You don't want to invest in several models for each type of session? Then the lithium is for you, suitable for beginners and advanced riders alike. It's more than versatile for freeriding, surfing and even big air. With its stability thanks to its bridle system, it will accompany you throughout your progression.

Main characteristics

  • Range of use: Its shape, the delta Hybrid (curved shape of the kite), allows it a wide range of use while remaining safe
  • Stability in flight: Thanks to its V3.2 bridle system combined with V pulleys, the kite is very stable in the air and lighter when driving.
  • Polyvalence: The lithium is the ultimate in versatility, perfect for freeriding, surfing, big air and foiling.
  • Strength: It enables smooth, instinctive navigation, remains stable in the air and tolerates mistakes: it's one with the rider.
  • Solidity: The lithium is Kevlar-reinforced to extend the kite's lifespan as much as possible. It also has a reinforcement on the leading edge to limit wear when the kite is on land.
  • Performance: The spinnaker used on the wings is made of technoforce D2: this is a high-density, UV-resistant fabric that combines strength and performance

Technical information:

  • Spi Technoforce D2
  • SPS and FBI valve for faster, energy-saving inflation
  • Embout required: boston
  • Compatible with airush bars: Ride Bar / Unit Bar / Acces Bar