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For 2023, the best freeride board on the market gets a makeover with a new outline that improves comfort on the water, planning starts and landings. If you love freeriding and getting boosted, the SELECT is the board for you!

All-new for 2023, the design team has reworked one of the most popular freeride boards on the planet to make it even better! Perfect for riders looking to cruise and build momentum, the Select offers great comfort on the water, with performance that will excite you. The outline has been made narrower and longer this year, which improves maneuverability when carving from rail to rail and allows you to hold the edge with ease, and upwind capabilities are even better. Space Flex ensures that the flex is finely tuned to give you a smooth ride and provide excellent pop. The larger Space Flex at the ends adds even more dampening, giving the board a suspension-like feel without sacrificing performance. The Select is also excellent in light winds, going quickly to plan, giving you plenty of power and performance when you need it. The new shape means you need to choose a slightly longer board to get the best performance. If you rode a 138/41 last year, for example, you'll need to opt for a 141/40 this year. 

If you want a freeride board that will get you riding earlier, make your sessions smoother and allow you to make bigger jumps, the Select is for you!